Birds of Naukan

by Creation VI & Ugasanie

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Birds of Naukan - is a long journey to places almost erased by time from our world. It is a story about far eastern land, lying under the snow, land of ancient whale hunters. Their legends and songs was blown away by wind and only thing left of their shrines is brittle bones of whales, standing on the shore of infinitely cold ocean...

Naukan - an abandoned village on Cape Dezhnev. Prior to 1958, is the easternmost settlement of Eurasia (66 ° 01'38 "with. w. 169 ° 42'08 "W. d.)

Nineangan (Nuneangan) - A small rocky island in the shallow water at the outlet of the Strait Senyavin 5 km east of the island Yttygran Island, off the south-eastern tip of the Chukchi Peninsula (064 ° 35 's. w. 172 ° 18 's. d.)

Yttygran - Island in the Strait of Senyavin Bering Sea, within the Providence District of Chukotka Autonomous District. (64 ° 36'58 "with. w. 172 ° 35'36 "W. d.) The island is famous Whale Alley - ancient Innuit construction of dug into the ground parallel rows of skulls and jaws of bowhead whales. Whale Alley built from 50-60 skulls and jaws 30 and hundreds of specially laid stones. Dating back to the late Punuk (XIV-XVI centuries. N. E.)

Pegtymel - river in the Chukotka Autonomous District Far Eastern Federal District of the Russian Federation. (68 ° 03'13 "with. w. 177 ° 37'27 "in. d.) At this point in 1965 were found Pegtymel petroglyphs original image, only located above the Arctic Circle monument of rock art. On the banks of the river discovered ancient petroglyphic drawings. People-mushrooms. Peoples of the north include red amanita to a class of invisible forces of universal order. With it help they communicate with the dead people, with spirits and ghosts, with it become to shamans, guides to another world, get paranormal abilities...

All instruments, field recordings and effects – Tim Six & Pavel Malyshkin.
Throat singing – Tim Six.
Photography – Harry Shave & Tim Six.
Artwork – Tim Six, Aloe & M.M.
Handmade box edition designed and handcrafted by Aloe.

Album title inspired by "Chukotka: Shore of Memory" documentary by Andris Slapiņš and verses of inuit poetess Zoya Nenlumkina, featured in this movie.

Album was released on CD:
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ΠΑΝΘΕΟΝ Records // ПAN016


Recorded in spring 2014.


released April 22, 2015



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